We are on an exciting journey…

A journey to back entrepreneurs with differential ideas and businesses that change the world for the better – improving the lives of billions of people from Cape Town to Kolkata, São Paulo to Saint Petersburg, and beyond.

It is an ongoing journey that involves looking ahead and moving forward, spotting the best opportunities and investing in them in the long term. A journey that has seen us continue to grow and focus to become a pure global consumer internet company.

From food delivered fast to your door, to easier ways to pay for everyday things while you’re out and about – we know that digital technology can transform people’s lives for the better. We also know this transformation has only just begun. We are deeply committed to it, and we are in it for the long haul.

Our journey
so far…

1. Reset
  • Organised in global segments
  • Established an ecommerce team
  • Divested low-potential assets
2. Accelerate
  • Accelerated ecommerce growth
  • Consolidated for leadership
  • Exited peak-value businesses
  • Executed quality growth investment
3. Crystallise
  • Grow commerce and profitability
  • Develop core segments into US$5–10bn+ businesses
  • Plant seeds for longer-term growth

4. Build

  • Continue to invest and grow in core areas
  • Pioneer more improvements in people’s lives
2020 onwards

Our journey to online…

Online revenue
Video Entertainment and Media revenue

...growing our core businesses...

We focus on where we can make the biggest, most positive long-term difference to people's lives around the world.

Making a big difference

We think global and act local – backing entrepreneurs and businesses using technologies to address big societal needs. This is at the heart of how we fulfil our purpose to create value by improving people’s lives around the world.

Focusing on core needs

We’re focused and disciplined about how we go about this. As a pure global consumer internet business, we have identified three core areas where we are going all-in to invest, operate, lead and transform people’s lives for the better.

Aiming to be the best

These three core areas are Classifieds, Payments and Fintech, and Food Delivery. In each area, we have businesses that are growing fast and doing great things for consumers. Our ambition is to be the best option for our users, to go the furthest and do the most for people in these core areas so that we play a big part in improving their lives.

Global online
delivery market

US$ 65.91bn
Market value in 2017
US$ 161.74bn
Revenue expected in 2023
Our core businesses
OLX Group Avito Stradia FCG iFood Swiggy Dubizzle autotrader
property24 delivery hero storia letgo payu remitly emag takealot

...and anticipating the next wave. . .

As well as focusing on our core segments, we also explore and back businesses in other key areas where consumer-focused technology can change people’s lives for the better.

Always looking ahead

We keep looking ahead and anticipating the next wave for consumers.

We are, for example, exploring a number of newer areas such as education and health.

From making it easier for people to learn new skills to enabling the elderly to have great home care – as entrepreneurial investor-operators, we never stop searching for new opportunities to create value by improving people’s lives around the world.

Global spend
on education

Value of global education by 2020
Growth in spend on education over 2015-2030
Our next-wave business:
Movile Solo Learn codecademy BYJUs Joymode Udemy SimilarWeb Honor
dott Brainly make my trip

...to make a positive difference

Embracing our responsibilities

We are proud to make a positive difference around the world. We invest in and operate companies in some 80 markets and countries, with thousands of people building products and services used by hundreds of millions of consumers every day. As we go about our business, we take our responsibility to hold ourselves to the highest standards, seriously.

Having a real impact

The companies we back, the people we employ and the taxes we pay all create value, helping to build stronger economies in the countries we invest, work and live in. We support a range of corporate social initiatives that make a real difference to the people and communities who benefit from them.

Our governance structures, code of business ethics and conduct, and various policies provide the frameworks and guidance for our people to do the right thing.

Investing in the future

Launched in 2019, Naspers Foundry is a great example of our commitment to making a positive difference around the world. We have allocated R1.4bn to invest in helping talented and ambitious South African tech entrepreneurs develop and grow their startup businesses over the next three years. We are proud of our roots and committed to the continued growth and success of South Africa.

Naspers companies and associates help improve the lives of around one fifth of the world’s population

Bringing it all to life in India

The world’s fastest-growing large economy, a vibrant democracy of over 1.3 billion people, home to some of the planet’s most talented entrepreneurs – we love India.

We’ve been investing in India for more than a decade – over US$2bn, or around 20% of our worldwide investment in the last decade. This long-term commitment has seen us create considerable value by supporting home-grown businesses that are pioneering great change and improvements for people across the country.

We are growing fast in India in our core segments of Food Delivery, Payments and Fintech, and Classifieds. Our Ventures team is also forging ahead with the next wave, notably in education.

Investing in India’s most-loved food-delivery brand

During the year, we invested an additional US$716m in Swiggy, India’s most-loved food-delivery brand. Providing excellent service to consumers through over 85 000 restaurant partners and 170 000 delivery partners across more than 130 cities, Swiggy is an Indian success story we are proud to be a part of.

Pioneering payments and fintech

PayU is focused on increasing its leadership in payments and fintech in India and launching innovative products and services, such as convenient credit options for consumers. We aim to keep building on our Payments and Fintech success through investments in startups such as ZestMoney and PaySense.

Revolutionising learning

In December 2018, we invested US$383m in Indian online tutorial startup BYJU’S. Valued at US$3.5bn, BYJU’S has grown rapidly and now has 2 million paid subscribers and over 30 million general users.


of new users will access internet in vernacular languages by 2020


of new internet users will be over the age of 35 by 2050


of new internet users will be rural

Smartphone penetration in India

smartphone penetration in 2019
smartphone penetration by 2023
Our key businesses in India

Payments and Fintech

PayU Paysense Zest

Food Delivery



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